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Doni Smith

Revenue Recovery Specialist, EMT & CAC

How do I pay my bill, and who do I contact if I have any questions?

To pay your ambulance bill or any portion of which is required by your insurance company, please remit payment along with the mailed invoice to us at the address listed below. You may also pay your bill in person at our station, located at 3 King Street, Warrensburg, NY during the business hours listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly at 518-623-4911 extension 4.

If I pay taxes, why should I pay my Ambulance Bill?

Warrensburg EMS receives contracted monies allotted by the Towns of Thurman, Warrensburg and Stony Creek on a yearly basis. The remainder of the operating budget is made up by revenue recovered through billing for ambulance services provided. Unfortunately, we are unable to recover 100% of the total cost of our services strictly through billing of Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance and direct payment from patient.

More than 25% of our total call volume is not chargeable to either the patient or insurance companies.

Do I need to pay the bill?

Quite simply, yes. Without paying for ambulance service the availability of adequately trained staffed ambulance would decrease drastically. Ambulance transport is covered under most insurance plans (please refer to your insurance plan summary). Additionally, under Medicare guidelines, we must make every effort to collect all unpaid fees. This is to ensure a ‘standard practice’ of collection is in place, as opposed to showing favoritism to any specific individual.

However, we also understand that sometimes the patient or their family just cannot meet their obligations to pay this amount immediately due to financial hardship. With this in mind Warrensburg EMS does offer assistance if needed.

If you need assistance paying your ambulance bill, please contact us at 518-623-4911 extension 8 for an application for payment arrangements.

What may I expect in the mail after I am transported?

You may receive an Ambulance Assignment of Benefits form that simply requires you to read, sign and return it to us. This form is normally signed during your transport and simply allows us to bill your insurance company for your services. However sometimes it is necessary to send this form to you for signing after services are provided.


You may receive an invoice/bill for the total billed amount or copayment. Unlike doctor’s offices or hospitals, ambulance services are prohibited from billing for each skill or item utilized during your ambulance transport, therefore services are billed according to major categories such as ALS and BLS care. In addition, a cost per loaded mile is included. This is only from the point of patient care to the destination hospital. Please submit payment of that amount, or contact us with any questions.


You may receive a check for payment direct from your insurance company. Since we submit a claim to your insurance company, they may send that the payment check directly to you. When this happens, you are legally obligated to send your payment back to us for payment. Failure to relinquish these insurance payments is considered insurance fraud and is illegal.

Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated in responding appropriately to any of the above mailings.

Remit Address:
Warrensburg EMS
Attn: Billing Department
PO Box 158
Warrensburg, NY 12885
Billing Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
10am - 4pm
By Appointment
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